Interactive Webinar

Buying a property in Germany as an expat

Monday, May 13th, 2024

6:30 PM - 7:30 PM

Learn about the Property Market in Germany

If you are a foreigner looking to buy property in Germany and want to understand how the buying process and mortgages work here, then this webinar is for you. Apart from the process we also look at economic developments on the housing market in Germany like the effects of higher interest rates, recent slowdowns in price growth and a shift in demand for rental properties.

Economic Outlook for Housing in Germany


How to Determine Affordability


The Steps of the Property Buying Process

Steps to take in the process
Turn a Property Transaction in your Favor

We will give some insight on the state of the property market in Germany - what to expect when engaging with market participants and stakeholders like realtors, owners or the competition from other buyers. We provide some insight on how you can prepare yourself for the process in advance and what good search options are to find properties in the German market.

Communication with  Owners or Realtors

people living in houses

How to Prepare Yourself as a Property Buyer


Ways to search and find property options

Property search
Learn about mortgages in Germany

In the mortgage part, you will learn about how mortgages are structured in Germany, how the mortgage process works, what specifics expats need to be aware of in terms of eligibility and what options are available to you to include the different government subsidy programs provided by the German KFW bank. Learn more by signing up now.

Mortgage 101


Government subsidies and housing loan programs

Get your Property Questions Answered

When signing up, make sure that you let us know your questions regarding the property buying process - you can use the message box in the registration form to submit your questions during registration. We will try to include them in the presentation and you can expand on them in the Q&A session of the webinar. Our mission is to help you understand the process early on in order to make the right choice before buying as an expat in the German market, so join us for the webinar by signing up below.


Your host for this webinar


Daniela Koegel

Daniela is a mortgage and property consultant at Our mission is to help expats in their property journey in Germany. finbird is a licensed mortgage advisor who provides you with tailored financing concepts that fit your individual needs but also acts as a sparring partner along the entire real estate process.